10 Reasons Student Loan Companies Are the Bullies of College

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Student loan companies are mostly evil, out to make as much money as they can off of you. Here are 10 ways they can be compared to school bullies.


 1. They take your lunch money. 

college and ramen go together


College students don’t eat like the poor for fun. Knowing you have $50k in debt waiting for you when you graduate can start to scare you away from spending money eating out.

Ramen gets old really fast.

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 2. They shove you in a locker on the way to class.

locker bully loan companies


Your drop/add period for classes ended yesterday, and you get a call from your loan company that you need a different cosigner, or your interest rates when up 3% overnight – but now you’re on the hook for $25k and have no option but to comply. Talk about having no options.

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 3. They trick you.

ramen trick student debt


“Our goal is to help you get an affordable education, and not have to worry about the money aspect of a college degree….that is, until you graduate, then we can’t wait to gouge you and take all of your worldly possessions.”
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4. They knock you down at the worst moments.
feel stupid with money

You graduate from college and feel accomplished – until Sallie Mae calls you up and makes you feel like the biggest idiot on the planet. They throw around jargon and financial terms that anyone without a finance degree wouldn’t understand, just so they can confuse you into making smaller payments for a longer time and giving them more profits.

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5. They try to scare and intimidate you.
standing over you bully


If you miss a payment your credit score is going to drop 1,000 points and you will never be able to buy a home…ever.

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6. They can make you feel alone.

lonely student loans


You graduate with $80k in student debt and can’t find a job anywhere but the restaurant down the street. How in the world are you going to pay this back?!

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7. After a while you start getting angry.

angry kid


“You need help repaying your loans? Eh, we’re a private loan company and we don’t need to help you pay these off. We’ll just take your house…thanks!”
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8. You try to fight back.

fight back against student loans


“I can’t believe I have to put up with this…What if I just stop paying these idiots?!”


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9. And then they embarrass you.


You miss a payment and they start calling your home, your boss, and even your next door neighbors to see if they know what’s going on. Soon enough the 100 closest people to you know that you’re missing payments. The loan companies don’t care if it’s illegal to do these things – they want your money, however they can get it.
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10. The only option you’re left with is to grow stronger because of them.

rosie fighting back student loans


You can file for bankruptcy, beg and plead, try to negotiate and they will not stop. Even when you die they won’t go away.

You are stuck playing their game. Just take it as a life lesson and work to get rid of them ASAP.
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At the end of the day, growing stronger is all we can do. Live and learn, and never make the same mistakes twice. Student loans are a big lesson to get through, but if done correctly you can set yourself up for a great financial future. It just sucks that you have to blow $80 grand or more to learn it.

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  • Shannon

    This is the first time I am hearing the truth about student loans. Took me years to figure out how everything worked. If only I knew about it from my first payment. Keep spreading the word!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Shannon! Took my years to figure it out too 🙂 That student loan “exit interview” that was supposed to teach you about responsible repayment was a joke.

  • Paul @ The Frugal Toad

    You can lay blame on congress that removed subsidies for federal student loans. Unfortunately this will continue to make college less affordable for most americans.

    • I hear you Paul, but the loan companies were jerks before they removed those subsidies. 🙂 It does makes loans less affordable, but there are so many options nowadays that people will just have to start getting creative about paying for school.