Why I am here…

I started this page to create a resource for those like me, who are under intimidating amounts of debt. During four years of college, I accrued over $50,000 of student loans. Since graduation in 2009, I have been paying minimum payments and accruing even more debt. You know – car payments, 0% interest credit cards, 19% interest credit cards…all of the normal stuff everyone around me seemed to be doing.

breakdown of my student debt and credit card debt

All of the financial advice I found was really helpful, but was not tailored to my specific situation. I went on a mission to try and figure out what to do to help myself get out of debt.

I put together a get out of debt plan to help me pay off more than $60,000 of debt in about 40 months, but I’m going to try and get that down to 36 months. In my monthly debt reports I will document that journey of paying it all off and hopefully inspire some of you to join me in doing so! I want to hear your questions, comments, advice, disagreements with what I’m doing – it’s all welcome.


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