How Podcasts Changed My Life, & 10 That You Should Be Listening To

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How podcasts changed my life

What are Podcasts?

A podcast is a digital audio file available to download from the internet and be listened to on any device that plays audio files. Anyone can create a podcast and post it on the internet for all to hear. It’s kind of like talk radio that anyone can create, and is (generally) a heck of a lot less boring. 

If you’ve been in the community for a while, you may know that I credit podcasts with actually getting me started attacking my student loans and creating this blog.

I had been watching Suze Orman for a while on TV, and one day I found out she had this thing called a “podcast.” It was a way for me to not miss my Saturday nights, and have something other than the radio to listen to during my commute to work.  I listened to all of Suze Ormans’ recent episodes and wanted more. I fell in love with the concept of being able to learn while doing one of the most monotonous things in life – driving to and from work for 45 minutes.

I went looking for similar podcasts and found A TON of personal finance related ones, as well as some that were purely motivational in nature. Who knew that we had access to all of this amazing information – for FREE – that could be downloaded to our iPhones?! I was absolutely hooked.

From that day forward, my life was forever changed. I’m being serious. I’ve since found more podcasts that I love, as well as audiobooks, audio blogs, and other formats that help make my commute to work a mobile learning center. I am constantly reading, learning and becoming more interested in life through these mediums. 

With that said, I wanted to share some of the podcasts that I loved listening to in the beginning, and still do today. I do this in hopes of helping one of you start shifting your mindset and start learning during those “boring” times. That’s right, I said ONE of you – who’s it going to be?! Are you in??


10 Podcasts You Should be Listening To As a Newbie

listen money matters show

1. Listen Money Matters

  • Host(s): Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank
  • New episode every: Week
  • Style: Informational, yet harnesses the comedic side of personal finance
  • Topics: Investing, retirement, real estate, debt, and plenty of other personal finance topics
  • Summary: “Honest and uncensored – this is not your father’s boring finance show.” And it really isn’t a boring show. These two are so down to earth and talk about some of the most random, yet interesting, topics around personal finance you can think of. They also include a “This Financial Life” segment every few weeks where they bring on a guest and dig into their finances, make recommendations on improvements they can make, etc.
    Did I mention they start off the show by explaining what beer they’re currently drinking?
  • Ratings: 4.5 stars with 691 reviews


Radical Personal Finance Show

2. Radical Personal Finance

  • Host: Joshua Sheats
  • New episode every: Day
  • Style: Informational
  • Topics: Life Insurance, Emergency Funds, Asset Protection, Real Estate, Investing, Stocks, plus anything you could ever think of relating to financial planning…seriously.
  • Summary: Ready for more in depth personal finance topics? Joshua Sheats talks about anything and everything relating to finance, including technical personal finance. If you want to learn about it, he’s probably already got an episode on it.
    Joshua was a financial planner in his former life, and has 8 sets of letters behind his name because he has so many qualifications from the financial world. Yes, he is quite a smart fella. If you’re looking for a show that goes deeper than the entertainment aspect of podcasts, this is definitely your show.
  • Rating: 5 stars with 172 reviews



So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

3. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

  • Host: Farnoosh Torabi
  • New episode every: Weekday
  • Style: Interview and Q&A
  • Topics: Inspiring money stories and interviews with people who have “mastered” their money
  • Summary: Farnoosh is an award-winning financial guru ,TV host and bestselling author. Furnish interviews many influential people in the financial world, as well as top businessmen and women. There is always a great story or two hidden within each interview. Furnish also answers questions from listeners about topics varying from whether plastic surgery is a good investment, to what to do when you get a raise at work.
  • Ratings: 5 stars with 348 reviews


dough roller podcast

4. The Dough Roller Money Podcast

  • Host: Rob Berger
  • New episode every: weekly, sometimes more
  • Style: Informational
  • Topics: Financial Freedom, Saving, Investing, Retirement, Debt, Mortgages
  • Summary: Rob is out to “help people make the most of their money.” He compiles interviews, talks about latest happenings in news, and dishes out some great tips and resources for you to use along your journey. If you’re interested in learning more about retirement and becoming financially smart, this is a great show for you.
  • Ratings: 5 stars with 154 ratings


j david stein

5. Money for the Rest of Us

  • Host: J. David Stein
  • New episode every: week
  • Style: Interviews and Motivational
  • Topics: Investing, Retirement, Wealth and the Economy
  • Summary: “A personal finance show on money, investing, the economy and why they matter.” David breaks down complex economic topics and helps “regular people” understand them. Some of his latest topics include, peer to peer lending, will robots take over your job, if the economy stopped growing permanently, and why the middle class is stagnating.
  • Ratings: 5 stars with 236 reviews


hal elrod show

6. Achieve Your Goals

  • Host(s): Hal Elrod & Nick Palkowski
  • New episode every: Week
  • Style: Informational and Interviews
  • Topics: Habits, Mindset, Success, the art of morning routines, Goal Setting, Productivity
  • Summary: This podcast is one of the underdogs on this list, mainly because it is not about personal finance. However, many of the topics are indirectly related to sustaining your motivation to get financially healthy.
    The host, Hal Elrod is the bestselling offer of The Miracle Morning. So why is this an important podcast when it comes to personal finance? Because goal setting and productivity can make or break your success with financial health. Hal’s insights into life, compounded by his incredible comeback story make for an amazing compilation of awesome life advice.
  • Ratings: 5 stars is 198 reviews


Stacking Benjamins with Joe Saul-Sehy

7. Stacking Benjamins

  • Host(s): Joe Saul-Sehy and “OG”; with frequent appearances by Len Penzo, Suzanne Lucas, Paula Pant, Greg McFarlane, and PK
  • New episode every: few days
  • Style: Old-school, “magazine-style” show with lots of comedy laced in
  • Topics: All things personal finance
  • Summary: Joe is a certified financial planner and is joined by his very intelligent co-host, OG. They discuss the latest financial topics in the news and provide fun insights. They also have regular roundtable guests who add a lot of knowledge and hilarity to the shows as well.
  • Ratings: 5 stars with 218 reviews


the money mastermind show

8. Money Mastermind

  • Host(s): Glen Craig, Miranda Marquit, Tom Drake, Kyle Prevost, Peter Anderson
  • New episode every: few weeks
  • Style: Live Roundtable Discussions & Interviews
  • Topics: Retirement, Investing, Financial Success, Lifestyle
  • Summary: The folks at Money Mastermind live stream their podcasts so listeners can join in and watch live. The hosts invite guests on to discuss the topics they talk about. This podcast is definitely one of a kind and is typically very entertaining to watch.
  • Ratings: 4 stars with 27 reviews


The Student Loan Show

9. The Student Loan Show

  • Host: Jay Fleischman
  • New episode every: week
  • Style: News headlines, interviews and episodes on real-life topics surrounding student loans
  • Topics: Student Loans, student loans, student loans
  • Summary: “We’ll discuss the issues confronted by newly-minted graduates, their family members, and cosigners.” Topics also include budgeting, personal finance, debt, credit and marking good career choices throughout your future. Jay is a very well-known student loan lawyer and he happily gives away tons of knowledge in each episode.
  • Ratings: 5 stars with 8 reviews


You Need a Budget with Jesse Mecham

10. You Need a Budget

  • Host: Jesse Mecham
  • New episode every: Week
  • Style: Short, quick tips for specific situations/concepts you may be dealing with
  • Topics: Debt, Student Loans, Repayment Plans
  • Summary: “A weekly dose of just the right medicine to help you get out of debt, save more money, and beat the paycheck to paycheck cycle.” The creator of budgeting software You Need a Budget (YNAB), presents quick 3-5 minute tips each week to give you a reality check when it comes to your personal finance journey.
  • Ratings: 4.5 star with 58 reviews

What are some of the podcasts you listen to?

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  • Amy

    I’m a podcast addict, as well. I listen when I’m commuting, walking, doing chores, etc. I listen to a mix of PF and others. I like LMM, as well as the Simpler, Happier Life, Sorta Awesome, Mo Money, and Martinis and Your Money, among others. I’m definitely going to check out a few of these, as well.

    • Thanks, Amy! I’ll have to check out your recommendations as well! I’ve only heard of two of them – and haven’t listened to any 🙂 Guess I have some more to add to my phone!

  • Cashville Skyline

    Nice list, Chenell. Have you checked out Shannon McLay’s Martinis & Your Money? Also, I’d recommend Jessica Moorhouse’s Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses Podcast. Podcasts are pretty much the only thing that ever motivate me to exercise! 🙂

    • Agreed – I love listening while I’m out walking or exercising! I’ll have to check out some of these. Thanks Kate!

  • DebtDiscipline

    Oh no, more podcast to add to my list. Thanks for sharing. So many good ones I can’t see to find enough time to listne to them all. 🙂

  • Jim

    Great list of podcasts, now that it’s the fall and I’m spending a lot of time clearing leaves, it’ll give me a chance to get through the backlog I have and add these to it!

    • Housework and podcasts go hand in hand for sure! Especially when it involves clearing snow – they definitely take your mind off of the weather 🙂

  • Cat Alford/ Budget Blonde

    I’ve come to love podcasts. They are perfect to listen to while folding laundry, washing dishes, and doing other mindless tasks. Great list!

    • Thanks, Cat! Are there any others you like listening to during housework? I’d love to hear more suggestions!

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