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Hi! I’m Chenell, the creator of Bright Cents. You can read more about me here.

First of all, thank you for stopping by! I’m excited to have you here.

What is Bright Cents all about?

Bright Cents is a community of people pursuing freedom from their debts. These could be conventional debts, such as a student loan or credit card, but they also include personal debts to themselves in the way they handle their money. Life is not about working forever, but you’ll need to plan and prepare so you can pursue your passion and dreams.


What is Bright Cents not about:

I won’t be writing anything that allows you to stay in your comfort zone and feel bad for yourself. If you aren’t able to dust of your shirt and pick yourself up, regardless of how you got into your situation, this site is not for you. I will make you feel empowered to change your situation, but cannot help you unless you want to make changes.


Who is this for?

Bright Cents is for anyone who fits any of the following descriptions:

  • You are asking the question, “what should I do with my life?”
  • You’re ready to stop feeling bad for yourself.
  • You feel stuck.
  • You want a deeper connection with your money.
  • You’re afraid you’ll be in debt for 30 more years.
  • You need to make a change but don’t know what.
  • You want more freedom out of life and are done living paycheck to paycheck.
  • You’re afraid of what the future holds, but know you can’t live like this forever.
  • You want want to feel what life without debt is really like.


Where to Start?

1. The Net Worth Guide The Net Worth Guide is a short(2 page) guide to help you get started. Without knowing where you currently stand in comparison to where you want to be, it’s going to be hard to make any progress. It’s free to everyone who subscribes to the blog.

2. Blog Posts

The First Steps – Are you sick of being in debt and just need to get started now? Check out these 5 tips to help you get started.

My “Get Out of Debt” Plan – Looking for an example to help get you started? Check out my debt plan to help give you an idea of how you can start.

How I Got Started – What got me really motivated to get out of debt? This page will explain to you exactly what happened.

My Debt Reports – Every month I list out out my current debts, how much I’ve been able to pay, as well as any wins and losses I’ve had. Yes, these are my real debt numbers and I love hearing your feedback! I call these my “Debt Reports”.
3. Resources

I have a number of books, products and services that I use and enjoy over on the resources page.

4. Blog Updates and a Free eBook

As a thank you gift, anyone who subscribes to the blog gets a free copy of my guide Your True Net Worth along with updates, early access to content and a lot of appreciation.

Thank you again for stopping by!

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