Debt Coaching

Debt Coaching
Are you living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like your financial situation is getting worse, as opposed to better? Sick of making large student loan payments each month and watching the balance go down only a couple of bucks? Good news – you’re in the right place! I have put together a debt coaching program to make this process much less stressful for you.

Sign up now and pay $197 only $67! (enter promo code “readyforchange”)

Here is what you’ll get:

1. A personalized repayment plan. I’ll take your personal financial situation and de-code it for you.

Taking everything you currently have going on, and breaking it into manageable pieces that will allow you to focus on one thing at a time. I will give you ACTIONABLE next steps so you can stop guessing about what you should be focusing on.

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2. Someone to hold you accountable during the first few months – A plan is great, but staying focused is hard.

I will be there to keep you honest and motivated during those three crucial months in the beginning. You will have someone to answer your questions 7 days a week while you get started. I will also be checking in with you on a regular basis to make sure you understand everything and are actually doing the work. Going it alone doesn’t seem to be working, does it?

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3. Video Hangout Sessions – Once you’re a part of this coaching, we will “meet” and chat a little bit so I can learn more about your situation and what kind of goals you are looking to achieve.

After your plan is in place, we will meet again to see how everything is going and change anything that might not be working for you. Together, we can find the right balance for your situation so you can stop struggling.



Answers to Your Questions

1. How much does this coaching program cost? Since it is in the first stages, you can enroll in this coaching for a $67 investment. This price will not last long as I do spend a lot of time working with each client and know this is worth 3 times as much.

Sign up here & enter the offer code readyforchange to get the discount.

If you sign up now you also get:

check markA beginner’s checklist to make sure you start strong and stay on track 

check markThe debt report spreadsheet I use to help you track your progress

check markA list of the exact resources I use on a regular basis

check markMy personal “bill tracker” template so you can stay on top of your expenses

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2. If I’m trying to get out of debt, why are you asking me to spend money on this? While there is an initial investment, working through your debt the smart way will actually save you plenty of money in the long run.

3. I’m busy, do I have time for this? I set this program up so you spend, on average, less than an hour each week working towards your goals. The weeks where we do have hangout sessions may require a little more of your time.

4. Why should I choose your coaching program? I am working through the trenches just like you are, but have a very well-rounded financial knowledge. In the last year and a half, I have put myself through a lot of work, reading tons of books, countless articles and listening to entirely too many podcasts about being financially healthy. I listen to experts and the people who have been there and have personal experience.

I compiled all of this information into a short coaching course so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the information and spending countless hours of your time learning it all. You get to pick my brain and learn a lot of this information for a one-time fee and spend just an hour of your time each week. 🙂 You’re welcome.

5. Who shouldn’t join this coaching? People who are still blaming others for the situation they are in. Whether you put yourself in this situation or not, if you are not ready to take responsibility for your own future, this is not the right place for you.

6. Who is this course for? Anyone who is sick of being stuck in the same cycle and isn’t looking forward many more years of debt. Join this coaching if you are ready to take charge and make a positive difference in your life.

7. What if I don’t get anything out of this coaching? If you’re not 100% happy with the results after 90 days, I’ll give you your money back.

Sign up now and for $197 only $67 you’ll get everything:

check mark  A personalized repayment plan

check mark  Judgment free help and someone to keep you accountable

check mark  Video hangout sessions to keep you on track

check mark  Full-time email assistance – 7 days a week


For free I’ll also send you:

check mark  The Beginner’s Checklist to help you start strong and stay on track

check mark  A list of the resources I use on a regular basis

check mark  My personal “bill tracker” template to stay on top of your expenses

check mark  The debt report spreadsheet I use to help you track your progress


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Ready to get on track? Join the Debt Coaching program here. Remember to enter the offer code readyforchange to get the discount!