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2014 a year in review

Bright Cents Was Born

This year was a very big one for me. I finally had the guts to put myself out there in order to help an audience manage their debts and work towards being debt free.

The online world now knows that my name is Chenell Tull, and I have $53k of debt remaining. I set out my plan for all to see and admit my faults when they come to light, as I am nowhere near perfect. Putting myself out there in this way is a really big deal for someone like myself.

I wanted to take a look back and show just how far we’ve come since March when this blog came to be.


Debt Reports

It began in March with my first ever debt report, clocking me in at just shy of $63,000 in debt. Wow. I put all of my loans and their balances for all to see. Since then, I’ve been able to pay off almost $10,000! 

I’ve never been so proud of myself in my entire life. Cheesy, I know, but this is a big deal. Being in debt may suck, but it sure as hell teaches you a lot about yourself. 

Here are all of my debt reports listed for you so you can take a look back.


Getting Started

Aside from showing you how I’ve been tackling my debt, I tried to throw in a bunch of helpful articles that can help someone who isn’t really sure how to get started. I’ve included my own get out of debt plan, as well as the first steps you’ll want to take and even a 5 minute video on how to create your own debt repayment plan.


Tips and Tricks

5 Effortless Ways to Keep You Motivated and Out of Debt – Motivation plays a big role in whether or not something gets done. If you’re not into it, it’s going to be like pulling teeth to just get started each time. This post helps give you some ideas on how you can go into this with a more “excited” mindset than you may have originally.

6 Not-So-Obvious Things You Should Know About Getting Out of Debt – That’s a mouthful, but totally worth it. There are quite a few things that many people don’t know when they try to pay off debt. They go into it expecting one thing, and might end up with a totally different experience…one that might even make them want to quit. I put together some key points to remember about this journey so you’re not left feeling stranded and helpless. 

The Best Way to Keep Track of Your Bills – Getting organized is extremely hard for some people to do. If not hard, it’s at least complicated to look at and figure out the best way to keep everything together. This post shows you how I keep track of my bills and the difference it helps make in my life.

8 Tips That Save Cable Customers Time, Energy & Money – Everyone who has cable knows how much of a pain in the ass the cable companies can be once that 6 month promotion is up. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you have the best deal. See if these tips can make a difference in your monthly bills…I bet they will!


Fan Favorites

Here are the posts you guys loved this year:

10 Spooktacular Ways You Are Wasting Money – A spin off a Dave Ramsey article, but with a Halloween twist added to it. 

MILLENNIALS: Don’t Have $40k in Retirement? You’re Screwed! – Retirement accounts are one of the most underutilized, yet most important tools you can have in your financial life. Millennials are not saving enough, and I believe it is because no one talks about it. Please read this!

The Walking Dead Takes on Retirement – Your favorite Sunday night AMC show characters face off to see which one has the best plan when it comes to saving for retirement. Michonne, Daryl or Rick….who wins?


In Review

This year has been the best for me so far. I’ve heard some great feedback and know that many of you are being helped just by having something different to read each week. I hope that you are getting the information you need from this blog and appreciate all of the kind words and support – it means more than you can imagine!

Were there any good articles that I missed on this list? Anything you’d like to see in the future? Let me know!

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I am Chenell Tull and so far, I've had a pretty rough time with my student loan debt. Recently, I've figured out a more productive "get out of debt" plan and the goal is to pay off over $60k in just 36 months. If you want to learn more, subscribe to the mailing list and get FREE updates on my successes and failures on this journey out of debt.